Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt


Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt

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Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirtAirbrush T-shirt at

Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt is not just any shirt, but one airbrush shirt made from skilled artists that have taken the time to hone their craft. This T-Shirt is personalized to your liking or we can re-create what you see here to awesome detail.The shirt is prepped with wash-proof organic paint ( Yes’ we care about our artist’s, worker’s and the environment too ) and prepped and painted by our artist who have been certified and tested to the fullest degree.

Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt  is Hand crafted and created from your imagination, our artist’s will create exactly what you see to your to your liking in any color scheme, with any verbiage or custom lettering in vibrant colors and patterns that rival if not exceed typical screen printing or digital printing.

Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt is Hand Painted By a Real Artist ???

Look you can buy Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirt  wannabe that is a copy of a copy of a copy or you can get one professionally made!

When we embarked on creating this store we wanted to make sure that what you are wearing is painted awesomeness!! Why not just have a computer make it? I’ll tell you why. computers make things too perfect…you know the term….Photoshopped? We do! Just because someone creates something in Photoshop makes them a designer…We don’t think so!  That’s why our shirts look different and feel different.We leave the designing to you and our artist’s will be your Photoshop! So get a Spray-tees T-shirt today

 Support our Artist’s in a non-artist economy and supports the future

Candy madness party custom airbrush t shirts is hand painted excellence. Lastly this…and I want you to remember this…..When you buy a printed tee typically…the artist gets paid once and at a mere 5% at what the company would make. All artist’s that create and paint every t-shirt here at get paid 30% of every t- shirt made.Think about that!


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